This section specialises in assembly of parts made of extremely hard materials, such as sapphire/ruby, tungsten carbide and ceramics, with parts made of other materials. We also manufacture sockets made of a range of materials.


  • assembling bearings using sapphire, ruby and turned parts
  • mounting of spring-loaded bearing systems
  • pressing tungsten carbide pins into steel sockets
  • flanging of tungsten carbide spheres into steel sockets
  • assembling sapphire bearings into bearing sleeves
  • gluing of nozzle blocks into stainless steel sockets


  • broad range of lever presses
  • pneumatic semi-automatic presses with load-displacement monitoring
  • fully automated assembly for large runs
  • flanging device
  • glue dispensing system
  • cleaning systems

Our expertise and extensive experience in optimizing extremely hard components and their sockets are at the disposal of our clients from the very start of their planning and development.

The special techniques for manufacturing sapphire and ruby jewels for time-pieces are also ideal for post-processing of other hard, brittle materials. Bore sizing and turning provide outstanding means for detail working of precision bores and for optimising cylindrical shells concentric with the bore. The combination of these two techniques is particularly well-suited to the manufacture of precision nozzles.

Bore Sizing for the Post-Processing of Precision Bores

Concurrent processing of several parts makes bore sizing an efficient procedure for the precision tuning of the bore diameters and the polishing of the bore walls for

  • ceramics
  • sapphire/ruby
  • tungsten carbide
  • machinable materials

We attain 

  • precise bores in hard, brittle materials
  • high precision micro-bores in machinable materials
  • polished bore walls

Cylindrical Grinding Concentric to the Bore: 
In addition, this technique optimizes the concentricity of the outer shell and the bore. Different parts (bushes, rings) are mounted on a guide wire and processed simultaneously (up to a total length of approximately 250mm).

Additional Post-Processing:
We apply specialized techniques for processing hard, brittle materials, to round edges, to fine-tune matching diameters of cylindrical parts and to achieve optimal surfaces:

  • brushing
  • disc grinding
  • surface finishing/polishing

BIEG has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing machinery, assembly robots, grinding machines and other equipment, not only for our own use, but also to serve the needs of our clients in diverse branches of industry. We specialize in working with extremely small parts made of extremely hard materials meeting very high standards of precision. We look forward to assisting you with your project!


  • equipment for bonding processes
  • press-fitting appliances with load-displacement monitoring
  • test rigs
  • equipment for grinding such extra hard materials as ceramics, tungsten carbide, sapphire, magnetic materials


  • drafting CAD in Solidworks
  • comprehensive machinery pool for semi-finished production
  • integration of electronic control units

for example, for

  • the automotive industry
  • the glass industry
  • medical technology
  • metrology