The use of sapphire and ruby ensures bearings have extremely low frictional resistance, making them the preferred choice for calibrated measuring instruments requiring lasting accuracy. 

In addition to being extremely hard, sapphire and ruby are readily polished, so that bearings with sapphire/ruby components attain optimal and stable starting behaviour. Biological inertness and high chemical stability allow sapphire/ruby bearings to be used in the food industry.

Our tungsten carbide bearing axes enable assembly of highly reliable bearing systems with outstanding operating characteristics.


Jewel bearings for

  • water meters
  • heat meters
  • mechanical watches
  • impeller flow meters
  • analogue metering systems

Sapphire/Ruby components for bearings

  • ring jewels
  • cup jewels
  • cap jewels
  • vee jewels

Tungsten carbide axes coupled with sapphire/ruby jewels in bearing systems offer an optimal combination of minimum friction and maximum resistance to abrasion, guaranteeing life-long accuracy of calibrated measuring equipment. We use very fine grained tungsten carbide, almost exclusively with nickel binders, because of their high corrosion resistance, enabling the high quality polishing so important in such bearing applications.

Tungsten carbide discs and bushes are used when the bearings are subjected to high vibrational or impulse load.

Tungsten carbide nozzles are used for their sturdiness.


  • bearing axes for

    • water meters
    • heat meters
    • impeller flow meters
  • bearing sleeves for water meters
  • driving axles for micro-motors
  • thrust pads in bearing systems
  • tungsten carbide nozzles

Standard Shapes and Forms:

  • cylindrical pins with faces
  • notching, facetting, conical tips
  • rounded tips

This section specialises in assembly of parts made of extremely hard materials, such as sapphire/ruby, tungsten carbide and ceramics, with parts made of other materials. We also manufacture sockets made of a range of materials.


  • assembling bearings using sapphire, ruby and turned parts
  • mounting of spring-loaded bearing systems
  • pressing tungsten carbide pins into steel sockets
  • flanging of tungsten carbide spheres into steel sockets
  • assembling sapphire bearings into bearing sleeves
  • gluing of nozzle blocks into stainless steel sockets


  • pneumatic semi-automatic press with load-displacement monitoring
  • fully automated assembly for large runs
  • broad range of lever presses
  • flanging device
  • glue dispensing system
  • cleaning systems

Our expertise and extensive experience in optimizing extremely hard components and their sockets are at the disposal of our clients from the very start of their planning and development.