Extreme hardness, chemical stability and biological inertness make sapphire and ruby outstandingly suitable for nozzles, as they allow for:

  • very small bores 
  • highly polished bore walls
  • smooth trailing edges

We also manufacture ceramic and tungsten carbide nozzle inserts, the latter being particularly robust under  impact load.


  • water jet nozzles
  • metering pumps
  • printer jets
  • atomizing nozzles
  • grinding nozzles
  • spray painting nozzles

We produce sockets in the desired material according to clients' drafts, and press, glue or flange the nozzle blocks into the socket taking care to optimally match the nozzle insert and the socket.

Determining nozzle specification:
We advise clients on form, surface specifications, rounding and tolerances to optimize both function and costs.